My favourites at Cinema Reborn 2019 (2) Adrian Danks selects

The second entry in our new Cinema Reborn game of naming three favourite films in our  2019 Adrian Danksselection comes in from Professor Adrian Danks, Associate Dean, Media, School of Media & Communication RMIT University and Co-curator of the Melbourne Cinémathèque
The Melbourne Cinémathèque has been in existence in one form or another for sixty years or more and remains one of Melbourne’s great, and unique, cultural institutions. You can check out its current program if you click here

Adrian’s Top Three

LE TROU (“one of the truly great films, I reckon.”)



Adrian Danks’s latest book (cover below) was edited with Steve Gaunson & Peter Kunze American-Australian Cinema: Transnational Connections. Palgrave, 2018.
Danks Book

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