Anthony Buckley’s Cinema Reborn favourite SONS OF MATTHEW (Charles Chauvel, Australia, 1949)

Cinema Reborn asked legendary film producer and editor Anthony Buckley to introduce our screening of Sons of Matthew. Regrettably Tony’s got a couple of health issues that prevent him being in Randwick in May. We wish him the best.


Tony’s IMDb pages tells us he has 35 credits  as a producer, 18 as an editor and then there’s more. A legend and let me list just a few of the movies he worked on – Age of Consent, Wake in Fright, The Removalists, Forgotten Cinema, A Steam Train Passes, The Night the Prowler, Caddie, Bliss…..  and more and more.

Tony is a passionate fan of Charles Chauvel  and in his opinion Sons of Matthew  is by far and away the iconic director’s’s best film combining superb use of actual bush locations and well directed studio scenes. Tony makes an interesting point when he says it’s interesting to note that on Chauvel’s three best films,40 000 Horseman, Rats of Tobruk and Sons of Matthew they were all Cinesound crews! Mmmnnn

Tony adds this bit of information as well “Of course I hope you realize that Sons of Matthew is the reason Norman Rydge closed feature production at Cinesound in Ebley Street and moved it to Rozelle. Rydge reluctantly put £25 000 into the picture at the behest of Herc McIntyre at Universal.It finished up costing Rydge £119, 000. Two years before Ken G Hall made Smithy for 15 000 pounds!!!!”

…and Cinema Reborn’s ‘office’ is in the same Ebley Street, a mere couple of hundred metres from the old Cinesound Studio building, now a Spotlight store. Is that serendipity or what…

To buy tickets to Sons of Matthew  Click here

To read the detailed program notes which draw on Andrew Pike and Ross Cooper’s authoritative text “The Australian Cinema 1896-1977” Click on this link

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