John Duigan’s Cinema Reborn Favorite

John DuiganJohn Duigan first came to notice back in the day when he was studying at the University of Melbourne. He acted in plays around the campus and at La Mama and the Pram Factory. At the early age of 26 he had a novel published, Badge. His first film experience came in two now legendary films that were part of what Bruce Hodsdon has designated as The Carlton Ripple, a bunch of movies that spun off the French New Wave. You have to wonder whether Duigan was playing variations on himself in Brian Davies Brake Fluid and Nigel Buesst’s Bonjour Balwyn.

Whatever, it was not long after that Duigan began making his own movies and from ultra-low budget beginnings (The Firm Man, 1975) he has carved out a long, and still continuing career that has seen him making films in half a dozen countries over the last four decades.

His career highlights include his two much-loved autobiographical dramatic comedies The Year My Voice Broke  (1987) and Flirting (1991) both of which won the AFI Award for Best Australian Film.  His other Australian films include The Trespassers, Mouth to Mouth, Dimboola, Far East, One Night Stand, Sirens  and Careless Love. Add in some fine TV work back in the glory days of Kennedy Miller and a dozen or so films made overseas and you have a distinguished career.

When John was asked for his thoughts about his favourite film in the Cinema Reborn 2019 selection he responded by nominating Jacques Rivette’s The Nun/La Religieuse (below). His reasons:  ‘as a teenager and former boarding school prisoner’,  he recalls, ‘it reinforced my growing suspicions about church institutions, their closeted myopia and potential for self-righteous evil.’

Click on this link to the Ritz website to Book tickets to this remarkable French film

To read Adrian Martin’s specially written program Notes Click here

La Religieuse2



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