Cinema Reborn Sights

Lana Photos 5
Final night wrap – the calendar comes down – Karen Foley, Quentin Turnour, Geoff Gardner,  Bob Thomson, Sue Murray, Peter Hourigan, Paul Harris, Louisa Di Censo
Lana Nadj.Gp3
Members of the Turkish community come out for Yol – The Full Version
The queue up the stairs for Memories of Underdevelopment
Richard Brennan, Bruce Beresford

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One thought on “Cinema Reborn Sights”

  1. Hi Geoff

    I just wanted to drop you a note of congratulations on the 2019 Cinema Reborn festival. What a fascinating range of films you mamaged to assemble – all to be seen over just a few days. Every single one was a gem, from the thought-provoking /Memories of Underdevelopment/ from Cuba to the non-stop entertainment of /Neapolitan Carousel/. Fascinating to see Sophia Loren in two very early Italian films, and Michael Pate in /Sons of Matthew/ the year before he left for the US.

    But along with the performances, direction etc, the quality of the restoration work was remarkable – especially in cases where the original material was significantly damaged. Bright, true colours or crisp black and white; sharp images; no dust or scratches. It’s the way these films were seen originally, in some cases up to seventy years ago: and the only way they should be seen. And, most importantly of all, on a cinema screen, together with an audience.

    It was also a treat to sit alongside alongside many of the most knowledgable people in film culture in Australia to see these films, to hear them introduce the films, and have the opportunity to chat with them afterwards. The Randwick Ritz (although, for me, a surprisingly long trip by bus across town from Balmain) seems to be a very suitable home for the event.

    Congratulations – and thanks to you and your committee for perservering with the project. There aren’t many opportunities in Australia to see these tpyes of film: long may Cinema Reborn continue, and become a regular and essential event in years to come.



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