Cinema Reborn 2019 – Some Testimonials


Hi Geoff

I just wanted to drop you a note of congratulations on the 2019 Cinema Reborn festival. What a fascinating range of films you managed to assemble – all to be seen over just a few days. Every single one was a gem, from the thought-provoking /Memories of Underdevelopment/ from Cuba to the non-stop entertainment of /Neapolitan Carousel/. Fascinating to see Sophia Loren in two very early Italian films, and Michael Pate in /Sons of Matthew/ the year before he left for the US.

But along with the performances, direction etc, the quality of the restoration work was remarkable – especially in cases where the original material was significantly damaged. Bright, true colours or crisp black and white; sharp images; no dust or scratches. It’s the way these films were seen originally, in some cases up to seventy years ago: and the only way they should be seen. And, most importantly of all, on a cinema screen, together with an audience.

It was also a treat to sit alongside alongside many of the most knowledgeable people in film culture in Australia to see these films, to hear them introduce the films, and have the opportunity to chat with them afterwards. The Randwick Ritz (although, for me, a surprisingly long trip by bus across town from Balmain) seems to be a very suitable home for the event.

Congratulations – and thanks to you and your committee for persevering with the project. There aren’t many opportunities in Australia to see these types of film: long may Cinema Reborn continue, and become a regular and essential event in years to come.



Lana Nadj

What a great festival! I was blown away by La Religieuse, had my heart ripped out by Yol, and was entertained by the well-made fluff of Chantal Akerman’s Golden Eighties. This is a festival on a human scale where you can trust the quality of every one of the careful selections of the programmers. Each film looked and sounded fantastic on the big screen regardless of its vintage thanks to restoration painstakingly undertaken in some corner or other of the globe. I’m already looking forward to Cinema Reborn 2020.

Margaret Freemantle Thank you for the time taken to put together such an interesting, diverse and memorable program. YOL and the man behind it – utterly amazing.

Margaret Freemantle The pre film talk by Jane Mills really enhanced the viewing of YOL. I want to know more

John Duigan

As I told you, I think Yol is a masterpiece.  I very much enjoyed all seven films I saw, a thoughtful and well balanced selection.

I can’t get to the ones tomorrow, but many congratulations for another brilliant event. I look forward to next year.

Fiona Mackie

Congratulations!  I thought it was a great event! and that everyone involved should be truly proud!

Great films, and much more buzz and atmosphere at Ritz, I thought, than at AFTRS last year.  This year there was a strong sense of camaraderie among everyone, and lots of happy mingling between movies.

Last film, for me was Yol -totally extraordinary!!  So I wasn’t there for the last  screening,

but loved seeing the photo of you all, with poster, under Ritz advertising of C.R. that Rod showed me today.

David Bruce-Steer

I thought I would take the opportunity to thank you and all the organising committee for putting on such a great weekend in such a great venue. Please resist all pressures to move.


Leith & I enjoyed the films some better than others (Leith thought Golden Eighties was not to her taste, not to mine either but I did see why some critic’s liked it. Certainly our favourite film was ‘A Matter of Life and Death’ which we enjoyed immensely. My uncle — who was killed in an accident during WW2 in 1941 — flew Lancaster bombers across to Germany. I had only read his diaries only a few months ago.

Thank you again.

Jane Mills

What a really great event the CR festival in Sydney was, btw. I saw films I thought I’d never see and films I thought I’d never see again. And so lovely to be at the Ritz, btw. AFTRS and the EQ is so soulless. Understand the value of no-rent at AFTRS. But nonetheless…

All best and congrats to you & the committee,

Lara Matkovic

I attended the screening of In a Lonely Place as part of the Cinema Reborn Film Festival at The Ritz Cinema on Saturday 4th May. The whole experience was great –  from the program, to booking the tickets online, to attending the event at the beautiful venue. It all ran very smoothly and was very well organised. I particularly enjoyed the introduction to the film which set the tone and mood for the movie, and provide interesting information which made the film even more enjoyable. I would definitely attend the festival again!


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