Cinema Reborn has been granted status so that supporters can now make tax-deductible donations to support its work. Have a look at the webpage on the Australian Cultural Fund’s site.

We thank you for any amount you are able to contribute. As Cinema Reborn is a not-for-profit organisation organised and managed entirely by volunteers working for the love of the cinema, the more we are able to raise the more we are able to expand our offerings!

Donors will have their names (but not amounts) listed on the Supporters page, no matter how modest the contribution, and solely in order of receipt

A link to all the details is here.

Thanks to those who have made donations to the 2019 Festival:


red-square David Bruce-Steer

red-square  David Donaldson

red-square  Anna Carmody

red-square Dominic Case

red-square Peter Hourigan

red-square John & Hazel Sullivan

red-square  Ross Tzannes

red-square John Sullivan

red-square Geoff Burton & Sharon Bell

red-square Adrienne Davidson

red-square David Stratton

red-square Richard Brennan & Jill Steel

red-square Jane Mills

red-square Bet Johnston

red-square Barbara Alysen

red-square  Film Critics Circle of Australia

red-square Sue Murray

red-square Max Berghouse

red-square Margaret Pomeranz

red-square Margaret Freemantle

red-square Deborah Whithear